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I examine the transformation processes of my home from a 
living space into a studio. The limitations involved in the process
 become the starting point for the works. The space is reorganized 
and allows me to go on journeys accompanied, by my squire – a
 black cat. The rooms, objects and figures change designation and
purpose, new functions are examined and new possible actions
 in the domestic realm are introduced: the shower becomes
a dining room, the vacuum is turned into a weapon or a self
pleasuring device and a human body produces musical sounds.

The parallel world that takes shape in the house is comprised of
revealing rituals, secrets and moments in which shame comes to
light. My presence in different scenes is sometimes embodied
from a position of desire and sometimes as a narcissistic act that
turns the artist into a martyr of sorts. However, the simplicity
and banality of the actions soon take the mysticism and mystery
from the sacred to the secular domain. The private moments of
documentation cast a new, unsettling gaze on everyday spaces,
conjuring questions about masculinity, creativity and freedom.
The work offers the viewer an intimate encounter with the artist
and his practice The. soundtrack that envelopes the room creates
a hierarchy between the photographed environments and ranges
from a chaotic jumble of sounds to the concreteness of a single,
distilled action.

Stills from video



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